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“You cannot choose your battlefield, God does that for you; But you can plant a standard Where a standard never flew." - Natalie Crane

Focusing On Our State's Economic Viability

Wisconsin needs to keep and grow its existing businesses, encourage its entrepreneurs and attract new business in order to realize its current and future economic potential. And these goals should be achieved in a manner that re-energizes Wisconsin’s crucial middle class. Wood Communications Group is working closely with key organizations around the state to determine how best to keep and attract the workforce our communities and local businesses need to protect our future.
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Connecting Business & Education

Workforce & talent development is a critical issue for Wisconsin. Teachers and business leaders alike around the state understand that there is an urgent need to build stronger relationships between those who are preparing our future workforce and those who best understand future talent demands. Wood Communications Group is proud to be working closely with leaders at every level of education and business across the state to address the issue of workforce and take advantage of emerging opportunities to move our state forward.
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Driving Leadership Development

Strong, thriving communities need educated, talented individuals to lead the way for a successful future. The Madison-area leaders of tomorrow - both youth and adults - are being trained to make a difference in the community today thanks, in part, to Leadership Greater Madison (LGM) and Leadership Greater Madison - Youth. LGM has introduced more than 600 local business executives, educators, nonprofit leaders and most recently area students to the issues and challenges facing our communities. Wood Communications Group is proud to partner with Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce to offer LGM.
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Protecting Your Organization

Read a newspaper, or open your favorite social media app and you will begin to understand that nowadays it is not whether your company or organization will face a crisis situation, but when it will face a crisis. Look no further than strong companies like Starbucks, Wells Fargo or Facebook to see the impact crisis situations can have on an organization’s brand loyalty, financial health and overall capacity to operate. Wood Communications Group has over 30 years of experience helping organizations develop tailored crisis communication plans to best protect the organization.  
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Kennan R. Wood

Kennan Wood joined WCG in 1996 after serving as Public Liaison at the Pentagon and as Account Executive at two Washington, D.C. public affairs and strategic planning firms. He is currently President of Wood Communications Group.

Kennan has over 25 years of experience as an executive strategist in public affairs, public relations, crisis management, community relations, issue management, media relations and community impact. Issue experience has included working with senior management at medium to large size organizations and corporations around the country on issues related to economic development, early childhood development, education, energy, health care, land use, tourism, regulatory permitting, natural resources, workforce development, early childhood development, leadership growth and policy implementation. Crisis communications experience has included senior strategic management responsibilities related to major incidents including hurricane Katrina, terrorist threats, work-place related deaths, work-place embezzlement and major environmental incidents. Additional professional experience includes overall brand protection for companies, organizations and educational institutions; strategic counsel related to policy and political related issues; and strategy development and implementation on socially charged issues relating to the environment, race, and economic inequality. Leadership experience includes overall strategic plan development and implementation for multi-state corporate communications initiatives, corporate communications team integration, large team management, budget development and management, rapid response team identification and training, entrepreneurial practice inspiration, and broad exposure to multiple issues affecting both the corporate and social communities.

In addition to his experience working with clients across the country, Kennan has been active on a number of volunteer boards and committees including Glaciers Edge Boy Scout Council, Entrepreneurs Organization of Wisconsin (Board President), Phantom Lake YMCA Camp (Board Chair), One City Early Childhood Development Center (Board Co-Chair) and the Madison Regional Economic Partnership subcommittee on Regional Cooperation, Leadership and Diversity.

Our Leadership Team

Wood Communications Group's leadership team has over 40 years of experience in designing and implementing strategies to achieve the goals of our clients and partners.

Our Leadership Team
James B. Wood
Kennan R. Wood
Lynn M. Wood
Chief Social Architect