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Market Research
“You cannot choose your battlefield, God does that for you; But you can plant a standard Where a standard never flew." - Natalie Crane

Market Research

Know your target audiences.

That’s the cornerstone of effective communications that will result in tangible action.

Gone are the days of mass marketing or mass communications. Today, it is all about true personalization. What motivates your target audiences?; what are their personal and professional priorities?; why do they, or more importantly don’t they, care about you or your brand?; how do they perceive the issues that are most important to your organization?; who do they trust for ‘reliable’ information?; what is influencing their decision making processes?; and what storylines will move them to take real action? Without a better understanding of the answers to these questions and many more related to your specific brand or goals, your efforts to effectively speak to your target audiences will fall short, or not reach their full potential.

Wood Communications Group specializes in developing tailored qualitative and quantitative research initiatives that help your business or organization identify critical insights into how your target audiences perceive your priorities, products, services, overall brand, or emerging opportunities. Whether it is large audience action-accelerated facilitations, customer focus groups, small group discussions, or one-on-one interviews we can help you develop a strategy for moving and motivating the people who matter the most to you.

There is no cost to your organization to further explore the value of a developing a specialized research-based outreach strategy. So, please contact Lynn Wood ( or Kennan Wood ( to schedule a preliminary strategy conversation at your earliest convenience.