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“You cannot choose your battlefield, God does that for you; But you can plant a standard Where a standard never flew." - Natalie Crane


Wisconsin's educational infrastructure is a critical component of our state's economic vitality and its quality of life. From early childhood development programs to higher education, it is critical for thought leaders around the state to work closely with education leaders to identify opportunities to equip students (our future workforce) with the knowledge and educational skills they need to prosper and achieve their individual goals in today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. 

Wood Communications Group is working closely with numerous education institutions around Wisconsin to address their unique needs, and is the strategic counsel for the not-for-profit Wisconsin Education Business Roundtable (WEBR) - a group of business  and education leaders from across Wisconsin. WEBR was founded on the belief that Wisconsin's economic and social prospects could be improved if the business, economic development, educational and policy-making communities collaborated more effectively and strategically.