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Strategic Partnerships
“You cannot choose your battlefield, God does that for you; But you can plant a standard Where a standard never flew." - Natalie Crane

Competitive Wisconsin, Inc

Competitive Wisconsin, Inc. (CWI) is a nonpartisan consortium of agriculture, business, education and labor leaders in Wisconsin who work together to focus attention on the state’s competitiveness. CWI’s mission is to improve the economic climate of Wisconsin in order to encourage the expansion of existing businesses and enhance the possibility of developing and attracting new businesses. Jim Wood serves as Strategic Counsel to CWI and Wood Communications Group helps to manage the organizations the day-to-day operations.


The BE BOLD initiatives conduct significant research in the areas of economic development strategy and workforce and talent development with the goal of developing programmatic and policy recommendations designed to help Wisconsin compete nationally. Wood Communications Group is currently helping to drive the BeBold 4 initiative which is focused on the critical issue of workforce recruitment and retention for the state of Wisconsin. To learn more about BE BOLD efforts and outcomes, or to join one of BeBold 4's regional cluster councils, please click here.

Leadership Greater Madison

Leadership Greater Madison (LGM) provides advanced leadership training to help future community leaders become more aware of the issues affecting our area and the opportunities that exist to get involved. The program focuses on helping participants learn how to develop in-depth analysis of, identify resolution management approaches to, and communicate about, critical public issues while placing special emphasis on contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities, as well as “real world” options and experiences. The hands-on work of the program will focus on specific issues affecting the Dane County area. Participants will serve on an issue team and hone their leadership skills through a series of hands-on exercises related to understanding and analyzing the issue, informing elected officials and opinion leaders about the issue and collaboratively identifying and advocating possible approaches to the challenges and opportunities identified. Leadership Greater Madison is a joint effort of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and Wood Communications Group. To learn more about LGM, or to apply to participate in our next class, please click here.

Kennan R. Wood

Kennan Wood joined WCG in 1996 after serving as Public Liaison at the Pentagon and as Account Executive at two Washington, D.C. public affairs and strategic planning firms. He is currently President of Wood Communications Group.

Kennan has over 25 years of experience as an executive strategist in public affairs, public relations, crisis management, community relations, issue management, media relations and community impact. Issue experience has included working with senior management at medium to large size organizations and corporations around the country on issues related to economic development, early childhood development, education, energy, health care, land use, tourism, regulatory permitting, natural resources, workforce development, early childhood development, leadership growth and policy implementation. Crisis communications experience has included senior strategic management responsibilities related to major incidents including hurricane Katrina, terrorist threats, work-place related deaths, work-place embezzlement and major environmental incidents. Additional professional experience includes overall brand protection for companies, organizations and educational institutions; strategic counsel related to policy and political related issues; and strategy development and implementation on socially charged issues relating to the environment, race, and economic inequality. Leadership experience includes overall strategic plan development and implementation for multi-state corporate communications initiatives, corporate communications team integration, large team management, budget development and management, rapid response team identification and training, entrepreneurial practice inspiration, and broad exposure to multiple issues affecting both the corporate and social communities.

In addition to his experience working with clients across the country, Kennan has been active on a number of volunteer boards and committees including Glaciers Edge Boy Scout Council, Entrepreneurs Organization of Wisconsin (Board President), Phantom Lake YMCA Camp (Board Chair), One City Early Childhood Development Center (Board Co-Chair) and the Madison Regional Economic Partnership subcommittee on Regional Cooperation, Leadership and Diversity.

Wisconsin Education Business Roundtable

The Wisconsin Education Business Roundtable (WEBR) is dedicated to the promotion of a world-class educational infrastructure in Wisconsin capable of providing Wisconsin’s students, citizens, governments and businesses with the educational, research and developmental resources they need to secure Wisconsin’s economic vitality and sustain its unique quality of life.

WEBR was founded on the belief that Wisconsin economic and social prospects could be improved if the business, economic development, educational and policy-making communities collaborated more effectively and strategically. Its central operating premise has been that timely, relevant and accurate information was essential to the strategic collaboration process. To learn more about WEBR, please click here.