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“You cannot choose your battlefield, God does that for you; But you can plant a standard Where a standard never flew." - Natalie Crane


Agriculture is a foundation of Wisconsin’s economy. Forbes reports Wisconsin relies on three economic drivers — manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Agriculture in Wisconsin alone accounts for more than 413,000 jobs and $88.3 billion in direct, indirect and induced combined economic impact. A study by UW–Madison professor Steven Deller reports that total agriculture — both on-farm and food processing activity — accounts for nearly 12 percent of state jobs. That’s an increase of nearly 17 percent in five years. Dairy farms and dairy processing alone account for nearly 80,000 jobs. Agriculture also creates jobs and significant economic impact in the areas of forestry, floriculture and food processing. Economic activity caused by agriculture stimulates Wisconsin’s total economy and enhances the state’s overall quality of life. Wisconsin clearly relies on agriculture in order to thrive.

Wood Communications Group has had the privilege of working closely with agriculture organizations like the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, Dairy Business Association, Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association, Landmark Services Cooperative and Midwest Food Products Association on key issues like regulatory hurdles and workforce shortages that are facing this critical Wisconsin industry. WCG has also worked closely with family dairy farms like Larson Acres, MilkSource, Tuls Dairies and Wysocki Farms to develop community relations strategies during Wisconsin’s arduous WPDES permitting process.

If you are interested in learning how Wood Communications Group can assist your ag business or organization, please contact Kennan Wood [kwood [at]] or Lynn Wood [lwood [at]]